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Cyber Senate host an authoritative niche portfolio of high quality events and digital initiatives addressing cybersecurity for the asset infrastructure sector. Our communities boast some of the most forward thinking authorities across the world, working tirelessly to ensure the safety of our society across transport, manufacturing, energy, nuclear, healthcare and the OEM product development lifecyle.




Industrial Control Cybersecurity: A discussion “Confidentiality, integrity, and availability versus Safety and Reliability”

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Cyber Senate discusses confidentiality, integrity, and availability versus Safety and Reliability with Michael Firstenberg, Waterfall Security Solution's Director of Industrial Security. Mr Firstenberg will be moderating and contribution to a Panel Discussion on November 4th with the Cyber Senate for the 7th annual Industrial Control Cybersecurity Europe online conference 2020.

Ayman Al Issa Industrial Cybersecurity Lead and Senior Expert @ McKinsey and Company

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Cloud for the OT environment: Being realistic about what is possible.” He will also run a workshop for Cyber Senate attendees “Workshop 'Designing a Secure Reference Architecture for Plant Operations and Maintenance.”

Agile OT Security for Evolving Energy Networks discussed by National Grid this November

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Philip Tonkin has worked in the energy business for over 20 years, working in a wide range of disciplines. From field engineering to senior leadership positions, he has always been passionate about solving the challenges of digitising the energy supply industry. Using an understanding of the systems used by the industry along with experience in making decisions as an asset manager, he has led a number of key projects to move forward the understanding of cyber threat.

Now as the OT leader within National Grid’s security team his focus is securing the operational technology that underpins the operation of National Grid’s trans atlantic businesses, from Gas Transmission to Electricity Generation.

Rolling Stock Data Center Cyber Security

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Rolling Stock Data Center Cyber Security Webinar, join us to hear more! The Rail Cyber Security Summit Europe takes place again in February 2021, and the US Rail Cyber Security event will take place January 2021. All our webinar will support the topics of these future engagements!

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