Rail Cybersecurity Europe and USA conferences

Cyber Senate are pioneers in Rail Cybersecurity events and Thought Leadership. Founded by Jamison Nesbitt in over 9 years ago, our Rail Cybersecurity events have provided the industry a key touchpoint to share information, network and mature. Through our knowledge and reach into control systems cybersecurity sectors across the world, we have been able to bring education and vertical sector insight to the industry from its infancy to its current status of development.

We have a vast library of videos of our events and presentations from our past conferences, however do not make them public due to the ability for our adversaries to potentially tap into first hand information. We hope that our community understands. We would love to have hundreds of thousands of subscribers to our Youtube channel, but considering our work it is irresponsible.

If you are interested in our forthcoming Rail Cybersecurity Europe or Rail Cybersecurity USA shows in 2023, please get in touch as we are always building content and relationships. Email marketing@cybersenate.com or sign up to our Newsletters to stay informed.