Freelance Conference Vacancies

Conference Producers:
Cyber Senate has vacancies for experienced freelance cybersecurity producers. Trust is incredibly important as the roles are remote and successful applicants will be handling sensitive data and representing our brand. If you have the following experience please feel free to get in touch providing examples of your past work and CV.

  • Experience in cybersecurity topics, preferably industrial markets
  • Ability to identify key market players and the difference between buyers and sellers
  • Experience with Zoho CRM
  • Great attention to detail, data entry and note-taking
  • Research Driven
  • Ability to identify potential sponsors during the production lifecycle
  • Familiar with SWAT
  • Ability to write and develop an engaging market-leading programme
  • Confidence to discuss core topics with C suite executives
  • A strong grasp on modern technology from Teams to Zoom, Google Suite of products
  • Disciplined to manage time and work hours, ensuring core work hours and phone hours are respected.
  • Social media presence and capability
  • Strong communication skills
  • Agree to NDA’s of all data you may acquire during the course of representing our brand, including social media.
    Interested parties contact